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Telemarketing Services

RealQuickLeads.Com Telemarketing Services provide reliable and customizable programs designed to increase your profitability...

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Appointment Setting

Let RealQuickLeads.Com fuel your business growth with warm sales leads & business appointments. We contact your targeted prospects at the peak of their interest, increasing sales conversion rate.

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Lead Generation

Cold calling isn’t easy, but to meet your sales goals you need people hitting the phones and building the top of the pipeline every day. Our highly professional, scalable team helps you jump-start sales cycles by tracking down and engaging your prospects’ executives.

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Our Approach

We create a sales strategy and execute the sales plan for a variety of companies, which gives us a big picture view of our clients’ business problems and opportunities and allows us to create a telemarketing strategy based on data and focused on growth.

What We Do

RealQuickLeads.Com is a premiere telemarketing company that helps clients develop sales pipelines, drive revenue, and capture the types of reference customers that are crucial to growing companies from start-ups to large-scale organizations.

Who We Work With

We work with growing number of companies that want to expand their sales footprint, open up new markets and territories, and accelerate revenue growth in advance of building out their own internal sales staff.

RealQuickLeads.Com : Telemarketing Sales Services

As your preferred telemarketing sales outsourcing partner, RealQuickLeads.Com will work closely with you to identify your business needs and provide you with solutions that will successfully grow your top line. Our proven track record speaks for itself: we have helped a number of start-up companies become large corporations. In fact, we helped one of our clients increase their revenue by 50% on average.

Whether you are a start-up or large company, RealQuickLeads.Com can help you grow your business in a short period of time. Our processes involve goal identification and alignment, sales training, operations management and sales monitoring, to ensure you achieve significant sales growth.

  • Inbound and outbound telephone sales
  • Retention and win-back campaigns
  • Outside Sales Services & Direct Selling
  • Customer acquisition and branding
  • Business Strategies and Cross Selling

Why Choose Us

The Bottom Line – We Produce Results

Our Sales Executives work with you to create a blueprint for sales growth based on your goals and objectives. We then help you validate the strategy through pure sales execution. We target your best prospects and jumpstart relationships that will create a repeatable revenue stream. As part of our process, we deploy internal lead generation services, senior sales executives and operations professionals to drive your products and services through the sales funnel and into revenue growth. This leaves our clients with a scalable and sustainable sales model for the future.

With an outsourced sales team from RealQuickLeads.Com you can:

  • Put an experienced sales team in place for sales acceleration projects
  • Test new markets or open new territories before hiring internal sales resources
  • Keep internal sales teams focused while experimenting with new product or service offerings
  • Build a sales channel without impacting direct sales, or vice versa
  • Leverage centuries of combined experience, relationships and training for roughly the cost of one senior sales executive
  • Leverage a variable vs. fixed cost model, providing the flexibility to ratchet resources up and down as needed

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